Cryptonics Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

Are you thinking about moving part of your business to the blockchain, but are not sure whether your company would benefit from the blockchain beyond the buzzword effect?

We can help you analyze your potential use case and point you in the right direction. Contact us for:

  • Architecture Definition
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Technology Selection
  • In-person consultations

Blockchain Development

Do you need help to develop a proof of concept or MVP for your project idea? Maybe you have an existing and want integrate it with a blockchain platform. We have our development and maintain a network of specialized collaborators for implementing complete solutions, including:

  • Full-stack decentralized application development
  • Public blockchain integration
  • Asset tokenization
  • Smart Contract development (Ethereum, Stellar, Wormhole and other platforms)
  • Interfacing with legacy systems
  • Consortium Blockchain deployment and integration (Hyperledger and Ethereum)
  • Full stack¬†web interfacing

Contact us for a detailed conversation and quotation.

Technical Writing

We offer specialized technical writing on blockchain related subjects, including:

  • Whitepaper writing and editing
  • Technical Reports
  • Blog writing (see our blog for samples)
  • Academic and formal writing (e.g. journal paper editing, patent applications)

Contact us with your specific needs for more information and pricing.